Our Vision

To be one of the world’s most trusted soft token solution providers that enable financial inclusiveness for all people around the world.

About iDGate

iDGate founded and devoted into IT Security in 2013. We have developed a 2FA Push Notification Authentication Solution, also known as MOTP, to solve security problems as well as offering a truly mobile, token-less, safe and convenient user authentication process for online/mobile transactions and account access.

iDGate 2FA authentication solutions can apply with various industries ranging from online/mobile banking, e/m-commerce, cloud services, social networks and online/mobile gaming. Unlike other Identity Authentication Solutions, the iDGate solution using Push Notification to replace the traditional unsafe method to authenticate users, which do not require the use of One-Time-Password (OTP) via SMS, nor does it require the use of a separate security device or token.

With easy integration, cost effectiveness, product-expertise and a wealth of experience in security and financial services.



Cross Area Authentication Platform - iDenPass

iDenPass is a transnational authentication platform, we also having the center in Taiwan and Hong Kong. And now, iDGate intend to establish the center in Asia Pacific, Singapore. Indonesia and Malaysia, our purpose is every user enjoying of service without border.

iDenPass Asia Pacific

What we do

iDGate provides authentication mechanisms that meet the security standards of Federal Bureau of Investigation.
All data are encrypted and saved in HSM which applied with FIPS140-L3 requirement.

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  • Banking02
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  • iDGate E-wallet04
  • P2P Payment05


Biometrics authentication: for Safer and Faster Login mechanism
1.Face Recognition
2.Finger Print Authentication


1.Online Banking
2.Mobile Banking
3.Commercial Banking
3.Fax banking
4.2FA Login
5.Fast Login
6.Credit card
7.ATM withdraw without card


iDenPass is an online identity authentication solution that does not require auxiliary security devices. The multi-factor authentication process enables users to perform authentication with their mobile devices and also helps enterprises to create a trusted environment for all their users to interact and identify each other.

iDGate E-wallet

The iDGate E-Wallet is a robust and useful electronic wallet solution for various industries. It can be used to transact any item that can be counted or unitized. Main uses are money transaction, but also include loyalty points, membership card, coupons and any other item.

P2P Payment

Peer-to-peer payment allows users to send payments to anyone on your list with just a click of their mobile phone. It is an accessible means of paying bills,in-store purchases, doing groceries, splitting bills payment, and more. It is practical, accessible and convenient for many users.

Who can use it?
Anyone can use peer-to-peer payment. It’s relatively easy to use and is a more casual and useful approach.

Core Value

Securitysafe and convenient
We create a proven and robust soft token solutions without burden in digital world for our clients.

We provide a flexible and practical approach to customer requirements.

We believe that meaningful and productive deviations are the result of observing challenges and opportunities from new angles and exercising our curiosity.

Respecthonor relationships
We treat our team members, clients, partners with mutual respect and care, recognizing the importance of diversity.

Our Clients

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Sustainable management

With the principles of “Based in Taiwan, embracing Asian market, and having the whole world in view”, iDGate plans to bring products to the world, to recruit talents worldwide, to search for strategic partners, and to realize the sustainable business operation. In September 2014, iDGate participated in the FinTech Innovation Lab program in Hong Kong. Organized by Accenture and with the participations of 10 other well-known financial institutions, it was the project of an innovative lab.

The program was aimed to accelerate the growth of start-up company, and to achieve the goal of stimulating the innovative technology developments of the financial industry. iDGate was the only financial technology company from Taiwan that was taken as a potential star and became the priority company of FinTech’s consultation program. Not only did iDGate obtain the opportunity of being a senior tutor of the financial institution that participated FinTech’s program, iDGate was also more conducive to accelerating the development and promotion of innovative technology products.

Moreover, iDGate established potential business partnerships with world’s top financial institutions and increased awareness, at the same time was given the chance to attain funds from International Ventures. Through FinTech’s program, iDGate was enabled to have close discussion about business directions with executives of international financial institutions, to adjust the development of products on the basis of different regions and restrictions, and to bring and share the experiences back to Taiwan in order to assist the domestic industry in the growth of innovative financial information security.

In the future, there will be FinTech Plus plan. With the help of FinTech counseling, iDGate will be able to access more cross-industry and overseas resources and accelerate the expansion of iDGate’s business domain on the worldwide scale.

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